Worst Uniforms in the SEC

by Brendan Paschal

Everyone likes to look good, especially when they’re on camera. Players spend countless hours thinking about what accessories they’re going to wear on Saturday. I’ve heard stories where recruits made their final decision based on the school’s uniform. Therefore, every program, with the exception of Alabama, spends thousands of dollars each year investing in new uniforms. However, some schools need to fire their designers. Here are the worst uniform combinations in the SEC.

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3. Missouri 

It’s like Missouri is trying to not only be the worst in the SEC, but also the ugliest. Horrible color scheme, terrible design, and an atrocious helmet. I didn’t know it was humanly possible to make a black and gold combination look so bad. Well congratulations, Missouri, you managed to do so.


Although you manage to pull off a color of orange that nobody but Clemson fans would dare try, you went too far with your gray uniforms. The orange and gray combination is too much, and it is not aesthetically pleasing. The orange seems to glow, and it looks like the players were dumped into a vat of toxic waste right before kickoff. Do us a favor – stick to your classic uniform.

1. Florida 

Florida usually has pretty good uniforms. However, before we can give them the proper praise for their uniforms, we must recognize the 2005 alternate home uniform. I’m not sure if the designer had an aneurysm behind the sketch pad, or if whoever approved this was blackout drunk – either way, there was a massive blunder on Florida’s behalf, because this combination is just plain ugly. It seems as though the Gators were trying to be “edgy”, and wanted to”standout”, so they could “express themselves”, with their orange sleeve on a blue jersey. Yet, they weren’t able to pull off this fashion statement, and ultimately ended up looking like someone’s mom forgot to put out their clothes the night before.

In case you can’t tell, I am desperate for college football to begin again. I am now at the stage where I’m criticizing uniforms from 2005. College football needs to come back soon, or I might lose it.

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