Porch Picks: Week 2

Week one was a fun and entertaining opening weekend of college football, but week two looks just as good. This week we welcome guest picker Connor Jasso who is currently working hard (or hardly working?) down on Kiawah Island. Jasso is a diehard Clemson fan who graduated from Wofford College this past May. Ironically, he will be dishing out major tuition dollars to the University of South Carolina next year when he begins his three year journey as a law student. Welcome, Connor, and we hope you, along with the rest of Front Porch Football nation, enjoy another weekend of college football in the South.

As always, comment with who you think will win this weekend, and don’t forget to share with friends to get them in on the conversation.

UT-Martin at Ole Miss

Chris: Ole Miss

Brendan: Ole Miss

Pavy: Ole Miss

Max: Ole Miss

Jasso: Ole Miss

Fresno State at Alabama

Chris: Alabama

Brendan: Alabama

Pavy: Alabama

Max: Alabama

Jasso: Is this even considered a football game?

Image from TCU Athletics

TCU at Arkansas 

Chris: Arkansas

Brendan: Arkansas

Pavy: TCU

Max: Arkansas


Auburn at Clemson 

Chris: Clemson

Brendan: Auburn

Pavy: Auburn

Max: Auburn

Jasso: Clemson

Image from SEC Country

South Carolina at Missouri

Chris: South Carolina

Brendan: South Carolina

Pavy: South Carolina

Max: South Carolina

Jasso: South Carolina

Georgia at Notre Dame

Chris: Notre Dame

Brendan: Georiga

Pavy: Georgia

Max: Notre Dame

Jasso: Georgia

Mississippi State at La Tech

Chris: Mississippi State

Brendan: Mississippi State

Pavy: Mississippi State

Max: Mississippi State

Jasso: Mississippi State

Outside the SEC


Image from Orlando Sentinel

Memphis at UCF 

Chris: Memphis

Brendan: UCF

Pavy: Memphis

Max: Memphis

Jasso: UCF

Cincinnati at Michigan

Chris: Michigan

Brendan: Michigan

Pavy: Michigan

Max: Michigan

Jasso: Michigan

Louisville at UNC

Chris: Louisville

Brendan: UNC

Pavy: UNC

Max: UNC

Jasso: Louisville

Image from USA Today Sports

Buffalo at Army

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Pavy: Army

Max: Army

Jasso: Army

Iowa at Iowa State

Chris: Iowa

Brendan: Iowa

Pavy: Iowa

Max: Iowa

Jasso: Iowa

Pittsburgh at Penn State

Chris: Penn State

Brendan: Penn State

Pavy: Penn State

Max: Penn State

Jasso: Penn State (closer than the experts are predicting).

Nebraska at Oregon

Chris: Oregon

Brendan: Oregon

Pavy: Nebraska

Max: Oregon

Jasso: Nebraska

Image from Land of 10

Oklahoma at Ohio State

Chris: Ohio State

Brendan: Oklahoma

Pavy: Ohio State

Max: Ohio State

Jasso: Ohio State (by some distance)

Stanford at USC

Chris: Stanford

Brendan: Stanford

Pavy: USC

Max: Not the real USC

Jasso: Stanford

Boise State at Washington State 

Chris: Washington State

Brendan: Washington State

Pavy: Washington State

Max: Washington State

Jasso: Boise State

Houston at Arizona 

Chris: Houston

Brendan: Arizona

Pavy: Arizona

Max: Arizona

Jasso: Houston

Wofford at Mercer

Chris: T-Dawgs

Brendan: T-pups

Pavy: Mighty Terriers

Max: Spartanburg Savages

Jasso: Wofford (by 90)

Wake Forest at Boston College 

Chris: Boston College

Brendan: Boston College

Pavy: Boston College

Max: Boston College

Jasso: Wake Forest

Front Porch Football Season Records:

Chris: 15-5, Brendan: 16-4, Max: 16-4, Pavy: 17-3

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