Porch Picks Week 10

There are so many great games to pick this week, but in the South there is really only one that matters. Whenever Louisiana State and Alabama take the field you know there is going to be some hard-hitting, fast-paced football. This week the LSU Tigers travel to Tuscaloosa to take on the Crimson Tide in what could be Alabama’s toughest test. Elsewhere in the South, the Gamecocks take on the top ranked Dawgs in Athens, Auburn looks to beat the Aggies in Texas, and Florida and Tennessee look to stop the bleeding in Gainesville and Knoxville, respectively.
This week’s guest picker is Claire Dorbandt, a true Tiger who graduated from LSU. Claire is now in law school, and while she lives in South Carolina she is always cheering on her Bayou Bengals. Good luck Claire, and we wish all of you a pleasant weekend full of Southern College Football.


Auburn at Texas A&M

Chris: Auburn


Max: Auburn

Pavy: Texas A&M

Claire: Auburn

Florida at Missouri 

Chris: Missouri

Brendan: Florida

Max: Florida

Pavy: Florida

Claire: Florida

South Carolina at Georgia

Chris: South Carolina (Cocks Shock The World)

Brendan: Georgia

Max: Cocks by 90

Pavy: South Carolina (circa 2012)

Claire: Georgia

Ole Miss at Kentucky 

Chris: Ole Miss

Brendan: Ole Miss

Max: Kentucky

Pavy: Ole Miss

Claire: Ole Miss

Southern Miss at Tennessee 

Chris: Southern Miss

Brendan: Tennessee

Max: Tennessee

Pavy: Southern Miss

Claire: Southern Miss

Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt

Chris: Kentucky

Brendan: Western Kentucky

Max: Vanderbilt

Pavy: Vanderbilt

Claire: Vanderbilt

LSU at Alabama 

Chris: Alabama

Brendan: Alabama

Max: Alabama

Pavy: Alabama


Non SEC:

Army at Air Force



Max: Army

Pavy: Army

Claire: Army

App State at UL-Monroe

Chris: App State

Brendan: App State

Max: App State

Pavy: App State

Claire: App State

Image from USA Today

Stanford at Washington State

Chris: Stanford

Brendan: Washington State

Max: Stanford

Pavy: Stanford

Claire: Washington State

Penn State at Michigan State

Chris: Penn State

Brendan: Penn State

Max: Penn State

Pavy: Penn State

Claire: Penn State

Wake Forrest at Notre Dame

Chris: Notre Dame

Brendan: Wake Forrest

Max: Notre Dame

Pavy: Notre Dame

Claire: Notre Dame

Image from USA Today

Clemson at NC State

Chris: Clemson

Brendan: NC State

Max: NC State

Pavy: Clemson

Claire: Clemson

Ohio State at Iowa 

Chris: Ohio State

Brendan: THE Ohio State

Max: Ohio State

Pavy: Ohio State

Claire: Ohio State

Iowa State at West Virginia 

Chris: West Virginia

Brendan: Iowa State

Max: West Virginia

Pavy: West Virginia

Claire: West Virginia

Image from The Oklahoman

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State

Chris: Oklahoma State

Brendan: Oklahoma – Boomer Sooner

Max: Oklahoma State

Pavy: Oklahoma State

Claire: Oklahoma State

Texas at TCU

Chris: TCU

Brendan: TCU

Max: TCU

Pavy: TCU

Claire: TCU

Virginia Tech at Miami

Chris: Virginia Tech

Brendan: Miami

Max: Miami

Pavy: Miami

Claire: Miami

Oregon at Washington 

Chris: Washington

Brendan: Washington

Max: Washington

Pavy: Washington

Claire: Washington

Arizona at Southern California 

Chris: Southern Cal

Brendan: Southern Cal

Max: Southern Cal

Pavy: Southern Cal

Claire: Southern Cal

Bonus Pick: Chattanooga at Wofford

Chris: TDawgs by 90

Brendan: Wofford

Max: Wofford

Pavy: Pups

Claire: Wofford

Front Porch Football’s Season Records and Week 9’s Record

Chris: 127-59 (13-7)

Brendan: 127-59 (12-8)

Max: 117-69 (10-10)

Pavy: 133-53 (11-9)

Guest Picker Dale Thompson: (14-6)

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