‘Twas The Night Before Christmas: SEC Edition

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the South,
College Football fans were foaming at the corners of their mouth;
The bowl games were picked by the committees with care,
in hopes that SEC fans soon would be there;
The coaches were restless lying down in their beds,
while visions of game plans danced in their heads;
And fans wearing crimson, and fans wearing red,
kept checking their phones to see what was the spread,
When Bama snuck in to the game that mattered,
the SEC broke a record some thought couldn’t be shattered;
Bama and Georgia both entering into the playoff,
but they said the SEC was in store for a drop off.
Many still remember winning seven titles in a row,
but coaching had suffered, putting the SEC below;
When, what to some wondering fans should appear,
But a new set of coaches, trying to make the conference premier,
With a little old leader, so lively and quick,
the South’s godfather still goes by the name of St. Nick;
More rapid than eagles his minions they came,
And he coached, and shouted, and created many their name,
“Now, Jimbo! now, Kirby! now, Pruitt and Muschamp!
You must start recruiting, if you expect to revamp!
From Texas to Georgia, go bring us a haul!
Now visit away! Pitch away! Sign away all!”
As the classes came together the pundits did cry,
“will the SEC weaken? We have been selling a lie;”
So down to Gainesville and Athens the reporters they flew,
National Signing Day is the day many Yankees will rue.
But then, with the bowl games, I heard many a say,
the best conference will be named in just a few short days;
As the players prepared, and the coaches cracked down,
many fans quickly realized they may not be crowned .
The ACC and Big Ten both play ball that dominates,
and in some of these games SEC fans will hate;
A bundle of losses and the SEC is set back,
even worse the fans will have to listen to whole bunch of smack.
But the Gamecocks are ready! And so are the Tigers!
And everyone knows the Aggies are fighters!
But Mississippi State is screwed,
Because Lamar Jackson is filthy and there is no way the Bulldogs’ offense scores any points;
Excuse me, I digress…
With the Vols and the Gators having to sit on the side,
one has to wonder if their fanbases cried;
In the South nothing stinks more than losing miserably,
but never fear PBR’s on sale at the local Piggly Wiggly.
And then there is Clemson, oh what a team,
they are one of the best, no this isn’t a dream;
With the Bulldogs and Sooners, the Tigers and Tide, 
College Football fans are in for one hell of a ride,
So with that we wish you all a very happy bowl season,
SEC fans can celebrate with many a reason;
And let it be heard and shout it with might,

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