Porch Picks Week 7

Yet another glorious weekend of college football commences this Saturday, and Front Porch Football could not be more pumped. This week’s guest picker is Andrew Koontz from Cheraw, SC. Most of you know Koontz, but if you don’t let’s just say he is a Duke-cheering, fried chicken-eating, bucket-drinking, mountain-loving, Terrier who loves talking SEC football. Good luck Koontz, and we wish all of you a fun, relaxing, exciting weekend full of Southern College Football!


Image from USA Today

BYU at Mississippi State

Chris: Mississippi State

Brendan: Mississippi State

Max: Mississippi State

Pavy: Mississippi State

Koontz: Mississippi State

South Carolina at Tennessee

Chris: South Carolina

Brendan: Gamecocks

Max: Cocks by 90

Pavy: South Carolina

Koontz: South Carolina

Auburn at LSU

Chris: Auburn

Brendan: Auburn

Max: Auburn

Pavy: Auburn

Koontz: Auburn

Vanderbilt at Ole Miss

Chris: Ole Miss

Brendan: Vanderbilt

Max: Vanderbilt

Pavy: Vanderbilt

Koontz: Vanderbilt

Texas A&M at Florida 

Chris: Florida

Brendan: Texas A&M

Max: Florida

Pavy: Texas A&M

Koontz: Florida

Arkansas at Alabama

Chris: Alabama

Brendan: Bama

Max: Crimson Tide

Pavy: Alabama

Koontz: Alabama

Missouri at Georgia 

Chris: Georgia

Brendan: Georgia

Max: Georgia

Pavy: Georgia

Koontz: Georgia


Wofford at The Citadel

Chris: Wofford

Brendan: Wofford

Max: Wofford

Pavy: Wofford

Koontz: Wofford (fire those cannons, go T-Dawgs)

TCU at Kansas State

Chris: TCU

Brendan: TCU

Max: TCU

Pavy: TCU

Koontz: TCU

Washington State at California 

Chris: Washington State

Brendan: Washington State

Max: Washington State

Pavy: Washington State

Koontz: Washington State

Texas Tech at West Virginia 

Chris: West Virginia

Brendan: West Virginia

Max: West Virginia

Pavy: West Virginia

Koontz: West Virginia

Image from 247 Sports

Florida State at Duke 

Chris: Florida State

Brendan: Duke

Max: Duke

Pavy: Duke

Koontz: Duke

Eastern Michigan at Army

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Max: Army

Pavy: Army

Koontz: Army

Oklahoma vs Texas 

Chris: Oklahoma

Brendan: Oklahoma

Max: Texas

Pavy: Oklahoma

Koontz: Oklahoma

Navy at Memphis 

Chris: Navy

Brendan: Navy

Max: Navy

Pavy: Navy

Koontz: Navy

Image from Winston-Salem Journal

App State at Idaho

Chris: App State

Brendan: App State

Max: App State

Pavy: App State

Koontz: App State (War damn ‘Neers)

Utah at USC

Chris: USC

Brendan: USC

Max: USC

Pavy: USC

Koontz: USC

Michigan St. at Minnesota 

Chris: Michigan St

Brendan: Michigan St

Max: Minnesota

Pavy: Michigan St

Koontz: Michigan St

Oregon at Stanford 

Chris: Stanford

Brendan: Stanford

Max: Stanford

Pavy: Stanford

Koontz: Stanford

Michigan at Indiana

Chris: Michigan

Brendan: Michigan

Max: Indiana

Pavy: Michigan

Koontz: Michigan


Image from Athlon Sports

Bonus Pick: 

Who is your national champion pick at this point in the season?

Chris: Clemson. Defensive line is too good.

Brendan: Alabama

Max: Alabama

Pavy: A 1-loss Georgia shocks the world.

Koontz: Clemson does it a gain. I almost put Penn State, but their next 3 weeks are hell so I’ll hold off. If they make it through unscathed, they’ve got a national championship shot.

Front Porch Football’s Season Records and Week 6’s Record

Chris: 85-41, (16-5)

Brendan: 87-39, (17-4)

Max: 81-45, (16-5)

Pavy: 94-32, (16-5)

Guest Picker Kelly Mattei: (15-6)

(Featured Image from 247 Sports )

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