Porch Picks Week 6

Prior to the season starting, Week 6 had the potential to hold some of the most exciting games we would see all year. However, with the collapse of certain programs in the SEC – Ole Miss, LSU, and Missouri – this weekend should not hold any surprises. The biggest game of Week 6 could actually determine who stinks more, Arkansas or South Carolina? Both teams have struggled in the front half of the year, and this could make or break their seasons.

This week, the boys from Front Porch Football are happy to welcome Mrs. Kelly Mattei! She is a graduate of the University of Alabama, and bleeds crimson. You may never meet someone as dedicated to the University of Alabama as she is, but don’t worry Auburn fans, she’s no Harvey Updyke. Mattei resides in Charlotte, NC with her loving husband and daughter. She is also one of Front Porch Football’s original supporters and most loyal followers! Good luck this weekend!

Porch Picks in the SEC

Image from USA Today

Alabama at Texas A&M

Chris: Alabama

Brendan: Alabama

Max: Alabama

Pavy: Alabama

Mattei: Roll Tide!

Georgia at Vanderbilt

Chris: Georgia

Brendan: Georgia

Max: Georgia

Pavy: Georgia

Mattei: Georgia

Ole Miss at Auburn

Chris: Auburn

Brendan: Auburn

Max: Auburn

Pavy: Auburn

Mattei: Auburn

LSU at Florida

Chris: Florida

Brendan: Florida

Max: Florida


Mattei: Florida

Arkansas at South Carolina 

Chris: South Carolina

Brendan: South Carolina

Max: South Carolina

Pavy: South Carolina

Mattei: South Carolina

Missouri at Kentucky

Chris: Kentucky

Brendan: Kentucky

Max: Kentucky

Pavy: Kentucky

Mattei: Kentucky

Non- SEC:

Image from USA Today

Louisville at North Carolina State

Chris: North Carolina State

Brendan: North Carolina State

Max: North Carolina State

Pavy: Louisville

Mattei: Louisville

Wake Forest at Clemson 

Chris: Clemson

Brendan: Clemson

Max: Clemson

Pavy: Clemson

Mattei: Clemson

Iowa State at Oklahoma

Chris: Oklahoma

Brendan: Oklahoma

Max: Oklahoma

Pavy: Oklahoma

Mattei: Oklahoma

Penn State at Northwestern 

Chris: Penn State

Brendan: Penn State

Max: Penn State

Pavy: Penn State

Mattei: Penn State

Image from USA Today

West Virginia at TCU

Chris: TCU

Brendan: TCU

Max: West Virginia

Pavy: TCU

Mattei: West Virginia

Notre Dame at North Carolina

Chris: Notre Dame

Brendan: Notre Dame

Max: North Carolina

Pavy: Notre Dame

Mattei: Notre Dame

Maryland at Ohio State

Chris: Ohio State

Brendan: Ohio State

Max: Ohio State

Pavy: Ohio State

Mattei: Ohio State

Army at Rice

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Max: Army

Pavy: Army

Mattei: Army

SMU at Houston 

Chris: Houston

Brendan: Houston

Max: Houston

Pavy: SMU

Mattei: SMU

New Mexico State at Appalachian State

Chris: Appalachian State

Brendan: Appalachian State

Max: Appalachian State

Pavy: Appalachian State

Mattei: Appalachian State

Michigan State at Michigan 

Chris: Michigan

Brendan: Michigan

Max: Michigan

Pavy: Michigan

Mattei: Michigan

Image from Getty Images

Miami at Florida State

Chris: Miami

Brendan: Miami

Max: Miami

Pavy: Florida State

Mattei: Miami

Western Carolina at Wofford  

Chris: Wofford

Brendan: Wofford

Max: Wofford

Pavy: Wofford

Mattei: Wofford

Washington State at Oregon

Chris: Oregon

Brendan: Oregon

Max: Washington State

Pavy: Washington State

Mattei: Washington State

Bonus Pick:

Chris: The Citadel over Mercer

Brendan: Southern Cal over Oregon State

Max: Mercer over The Citadel

Pavy: UCF over Cincinnati

Mattei: Utah over Stanford

Front Porch Football’s Season Records and Week 5’s Record

Chris: 69-36, (13-6)

Brendan: 70-35, (14-5)

Max: 63-38, (13-6)

Pavy: 76-25, (16-3)

Guest Picker Jacob Allen : (13-6)

(Featured image from Dawg Nation )

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