Porch Picks Week 5

We are entering week five of the college football season, and it is still hotter than a billygoat with a blow torch. I mean, c’mon! In Columbia it is 95 degrees, and we are two days away from October! But while the weather may not feel like fall, the games are starting to feel like we are entering into the heart of fall. Does Ole Miss upset Alabama? Does Virginia Tech stun Clemson? And how about the Georgia at Tennessee game?

This week’s guest picker is a South Carolina boy from Spartanburg. Jacob Allen is a huge Gamecock fan, and is currently a law student at the University of South Carolina. When asked what he would do if the Gamecocks became the Shamecocks and lost to A&M, Jacob responded, “I would call up Muschamp and tell him to leave Kurt Roper’s butt in College Station without a map to get back”. Well, Jacob, let’s see what happens this weekend.  As always, comment with your thoughts and opinions, and don’t forget to like and share with friends. Have a blessed weekend full of Southern College Football!

Week 5 in the SEC: 

Vanderbilt at Florida

Chris: Florida

Brendan: Florida

Max: Florida

Pavy: Florida

Allen: Florida

Image from Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Georgia at Tennessee 

Chris: Georgia

Brendan: Georgia

Max: Georgia

Pavy: Georgia

Allen: Georgia

Mississippi State at Auburn

Chris: Auburn

Brendan: Mississippi State

Max: Auburn

Pavy: Auburn

Allen: Auburn

South Carolina at Texas A&M

Chris: South Carolina

Brendan: South Carolina

Max: Cocks by 90

Pavy: Texas A&M

Allen: South Carolina

Ole Miss at Alabama

Chris: Alabama


Max: Alabama

Pavy: Alabama

Allen: Alabama

Image from USA Today

Troy at LSU

Chris: LSU

Brendan: LSU

Max: LSU

Pavy: LSU

Allen: LSU


Miami at Duke

Chris: Dook

Brendan: Miami

Max: Duke

Pavy: Miami

Allen: Duke

Southern Cal at Washington State

Chris: Southern Cal

Brendan:Washington State

Max: Southern Cal

Pavy: Washington State

Allen: Southern Cal

North Carolina at Georgia Tech 

Chris: Georgia Tech

Brendan: North Carolina

Max: Georgia Tech

Pavy: Georgia Tech

Allen: Georgia Tech

Image from FSU Athletics

Florida State at Wake Forest

Chris: Florida State

Brendan: Florida State

Max: Florida State

Pavy: Florida State

Allen: Florida State

UTEP at Army

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Max: Army

Pavy: Army

Allen: Army

Clemson at Virginia Tech

Chris: Clemson

Brendan: Clemson

Max: Clemson

Pavy: Clemson

Allen: Clemson

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech

Chris: Oklahoma State

Brendan: Oklahoma State

Max: Oklahoma State

Pavy: Oklahoma State

Allen: Texas Tech

Memphis at UCF

Chris: Memphis

Brendan: UCF

Max: Memphis

Pavy: Memphis

Allen: Memphis

California at Oregon

Chris: Oregon

Brendan: Oregon

Max: Oregon

Pavy: Oregon

Allen: California

Image from USA Today

Iowa at Michigan State

Chris: Iowa

Brendan: Iowa

Max: Iowa

Pavy: Iowa

Allen: Michigan State

Indiana at Penn State

Chris: Penn State

Brendan: Penn State

Max: Penn State

Pavy: Penn State

Allen: Penn State

Northwestern at Wisconsin 

Chris: Wisconsin


Max: Wisconsin

Pavy: Wisconsin

Allen: Wisconsin

Wofford at Presbyterian 

Chris: Wofford

Brendan: Wofford

Max: Wofford

Pavy: Wofford

Allen: Wofford

If the Heisman were awarded today… Heisman Predictions: 

Chris: Saquon Barkley

Brendan: Saquon Barkley

Max: Mason Rudolph

Pavy: Baker Mayfield

Allen: Baker Mayfield

Front Porch Football’s Season Records and Week 4’s Record

Chris: 56-26, (12-8)

Brendan: 56-26, (13-7)

Max: 50-32, (8-12)

Pavy: 60-22, (14-6)

Guest Picker Ann Taylor: (14-6)

(Featured Image from USA Today)

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