Porch Picks Week 4

How are we already four weeks into the college football season? The season is flying by with some great games, and week four should be no different. This week’s guest picker, Ann Taylor, is no stranger to Front Porch Football. She is a special teams enthusiast, a diehard Gamecock and Terrier, and hails from Columbia, SC. Good luck Miss Taylor, and we wish all of you a happy weekend full of Southern College Football. Don’t forget to like and share with friends, as well as commenting with your thoughts and predictions!

Porch Picks in the SEC

Image from Arkansas Razorback Athletics

Texas A&M vs Arkansas 

Chris: Texas A&M

Brendan: Arkansas

Max: Arkansas

Pavy: Arkansas

Taylor: Texas A&M

Alabama at Vanderbilt

Chris: Alabama

Brendan: Alabama

Max: Alabama

Pavy: Alabama

Taylor: Alabama

Louisiana Tech at South Carolina

Chris: South Carolina

Brendan: South Carolina

Max: Cocks by 90

Pavy: Game Chickens

Taylor: Spurs Up

Image from Sporting News

Mississippi State at Georgia 

Chris: Mississippi State

Brendan: Mississippi State

Max: Mississippi State

Pavy: Georgia

Taylor: Mississippi State

Syracuse at LSU

Chris: LSU

Brendan: LSU

Max: LSU

Pavy: LSU

Taylor: LSU

Auburn at Missouri

Chris: Auburn

Brendan: Auburn

Max: Missouri

Pavy: Auburn

Taylor: Auburn

Florida at Kentucky 

Chris: Kentucky

Brendan: Florida

Max: Kentucky

Pavy: Kentucky

Taylor: Florida

Image from Kentucky Kernel

Non-SEC Porch Picks

Utah at Arizona 

Chris: Utah

Brendan: Utah

Max: Arizona

Pavy: Arizona

Taylor: Utah

Image from NC State Athletics

NC State at Florida State

Chris: Florida State

Brendan: NC State

Max: Florida State

Pavy: Florida State

Taylor: Florida State

Texas Tech at Houston 

Chris: Houston

Brendan: Houston

Max: Houston

Pavy: Texas Tech

Taylor: Houston

Army at Tulane

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Max: Army

Pavy: Tulane

Taylor: Army

Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech

Chris: Georgia Tech

Brendan: Georgia Tech

Max: Georgia Tech

Pavy: Georgia Tech

Taylor: Georgia Tech

Image from USA Today

Boston College at Clemson

Chris: Clemson

Brendan: Clemson

Max: Clemson

Pavy: Clemson

Taylor: Clemson

Southern Cal at Califorina 

Chris: USC

Brendan: USC

Max: USC

Pavy: USC

Taylor: USC

TCU at Oklahoma State

Chris: Oklahoma State

Brendan: Oklahoma State

Max: Oklahoma State

Pavy: Oklahoma State

Taylor: Oklahoma State

Image from App State Athletics

Wake Forest at App State

Chris: App State

Brendan: App State

Max: App State

Pavy: Wake Forest

Taylor: Wake Forest

Duke at North Carolina

Chris: Duke

Brendan: Duke

Max: UNC

Pavy: Duke

Taylor: UNC

Penn State at Iowa

Chris: Penn State

Brendan: Penn State

Max: Penn State

Pavy: Penn State

Taylor: Penn State

Image from Sports Illustrated

Notre Dame at Michigan State

Chris: Notre Dame

Brendan: Michigan State

Max: Michigan State

Pavy: Michigan State

Taylor: Notre Dame

Washington at Colorado

Chris: Colorado

Brendan: Washington

Max: Washington

Pavy: Washington

Taylor: Washington

Front Porch Football Season Records:

Chris: 44-18, Brendan: 43-19, Max: 42-20, Pavy: 46-16,  Guest Picker – Alex Mende: 15-8

(Featured Image from Kentucky Kernel)

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