Porch Picks Week 12

After Georgia fell to Auburn last week, Clemson moving up to number 2 in the CFP Poll, and Missouri obliterating Tennessee, this week has a tough act to follow. However, fans should not sleep on Week 12. Kevin Sumlin and Bret Bielema’s seat continue to heat up, so both Texas A&M and Arkansas need a win against teams that could give them trouble. Barry Odom and the Missouri Tigers look to continue their hot 4 game win streak as they head into Nashville, Tennessee to face Vanderbilt.

Our guest picker this week is one of Wofford’s finest. Drake Cassidy is senior golf star from Hartsville, SC.  Although  he is normally a huge Gamecock fan, he will be cheering against them this week as his T-dogs travel down to Columbia, SC. This could arguably be the biggest game of the week where the recently named Southern Conference Champs look to upset Gamecocks. Week 12 should be full of great southern football!


Mississippi State at Arkansas 

Chris: Mississippi State

Brendan: Mississippi State

Max: Arkansas

Pavy: Mississippi State

Drake: Mississippi State

Image from the Athens Banner-Herald

Kentucky at Georgia 

Chris: Georgia

Brendan: Georgia

Max: Georgia

Pavy: Georgia

Drake: Georgia

LSU at Tennessee 

Chris: LSU

Brendan: LSU

Max: Tennessee

Pavy: LSU

Drake: LSU

Texas A&M at Ole Miss

Chris: Ole Miss

Brendan: Ole Miss

Max: Texas A&M

Pavy: Texas A&M

Drake: Texas A&M

Missouri at Vanderbilt

Chris: Missouri


Max: Vanderbilt

Pavy: Missouri

Drake: Missouri

Image from Wofford Athletics

Wofford at South Carolina 

Chris: Wofford

Brendan: Wofford

Max: Wofford

Pavy: Wofford

Drake: Wofford


Virginia at Miami

Chris: Miami

Brendan: Miami

Max: Miami

Pavy: Miami

Drake: Miami

Image from SB Nation

Michigan at Wisconsin 

Chris: Wisconsin

Brendan: Michigan

Max: Wisconsin

Pavy: Wisconsin

Drake: Michigan

TCU at Texas Tech 

Chris: TCU

Brendan: TCU

Max: TCU

Pavy: TCU

Drake: TCU

SMU at Memphis 

Chris: Memphis


Max: Memphis

Pavy: Memphis

Drake: Memphis

Minnesota at Northwestern

Chris: Minnesota

Brendan: Minnesota

Max: Northwestern

Pavy: Northwestern

Drake: Northwestern

Image from USA Today

Texas at West Virginia 

Chris: West Virginia

Brendan: Texas

Max: West Virginia

Pavy: West Virginia

Drake: West Virginia

Fresno at Wyoming 

Chris: Wyoming

Brendan: Wyoming

Max: Wyoming

Pavy: Wyoming

Drake: Wyoming

North Carolina State at Wake Forest 

Chris: North Carolina State

Brendan: North Carolina State

Max: North Carolina State

Pavy: Wake Forest

Drake: North Carolina State

UCLA at Southern Cal

Chris: USC

Brendan: USC

Max: USC

Pavy: USC

Drake: USC

Navy at Notre Dame 

Chris: Notre Dame

Brendan: Notre Dame

Max: Notre Dame

Pavy: Notre Dame

Drake: Notre Dame

Image from USA Today

Army at North Texas 

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Max: Army

Pavy: Army

Drake: Army

California at Stanford 

Chris: Stanford

Brendan: Stanford

Max: Stanford

Pavy: Stanford

Drake: Stanford

Utah at Washington 

Chris: Washington

Brendan: Washington

Max: Washington

Pavy: Washington

Drake: Washington

Harvard at Yale

Chris: Yale

Brendan: Yale

Max: Yale

Pavy: Yale

Drake: Yale

Image from USA Today

Bonus Pick: Next Coach Fired in the SEC?

Chris: Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M

Brendan: Barry Odom – Missouri

Max: Barry Odom – Missouri

Pavy: Bret Bielema – Arkansas

Drake: Bret Bielema – Arkansas

Front Porch Football’s Season Records and Week 11’s Record

Chris: 156-71 (16-4)

Brendan: 157-70 (16-4)

Max: 145-82 (14-6)

Pavy: 156-71 (12-8)

Guest Picker Jonathon Garwood: (15-5)

(Featured Image from USA Today )

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