Porch Picks: Week 1

It’s time for some SEC football! Chris hasn’t been this excited since the last time mom cooked Chicken and Dumplings… that’s pretty dang excited. This year, Front Porch Football will have four “pickers” pick 20 college football games every single week. Three will be permanent (Chris and Brendan, Co-Founders of Front Porch Football, and Michael Pavy, SEC and Gamecock super-fan and avid Front Porch Football contributor). The fourth will be a guest picker. The guest picker will be determined based on two factors – how much they contribute to Front Porch Football (like, share, and comment on posts) and the interest they express in picking games. This week’s guest picker is Wofford Third Baseman, Max “Paco” “Caesar” McDougald. Max is a big time South Carolina fan, and he hails from Anderson, SC.
This year, we will track each picker’s record throughout the season. As always, comment with who you think will win, and congratulations on making it through another long offseason.

SEC Games

Image from Detroit Free Press

Michigan vs Florida (Arlington)

Chris: Michigan

Brendan: Michigan

Max: Michigan

Pavy: Michigan

App State at Georgia

Chris: Georgia

Brendan: Georgia

Max: Georgia

Pavy: Georgia

Georgia Southern at Auburn

Chris: Auburn

Brendan: Auburn

Max: Auburn

Pavy: Auburn

Image from Sporting News

BYU vs LSU (New Orleans)

Chris: LSU

Brendan: LSU

Max: LSU

Pavy: LSU

South Carolina vs NC State (Charlotte)

Chris: South Carolina

Brendan: South Carolina

Max: South Carolina

Pavy: South Carolina

Image from Chop Chat

Florida State vs Alabama (Atlanta)

Chris: Alabama

Brendan: FSU

Max: Alabama

Pavy: Alabama

Tennessee vs Georgia Tech (Atlanta)

Chris: Georgia Tech

Brendan: Tennessee

Max: Georgia Tech

Pavy: Georgia Tech

Kentucky at Southern Miss


Brendan: Kentucky

Max: Kentucky

Pavy: Kentucky

Vanderbilt at MTSU

Chris: Vanderbilt

Brendan: Vanderbilt

Max: Vanderbilt

Pavy: Vanderbilt

Texas A&M at UCLA

Chris: Texas A&M

Brendan: Texas A&M


Pavy: UCLA

Non SEC Games

Image from Greenville Courier

Furman at Wofford

Chris: Short-haired dawgs.

Brendan: Terriers win huge.

Max: T-dawgs

Pavy: T-pups

Ohio State at Indiana

Chris: Ohio State

Brendan: Ohio State

Max: Ohio State

Pavy: Ohio State

Fordham at Army

Chris: Army

Brendan: Army

Max: Army

Pavy: Army

Maryland at Texas

Chris: Texas

Brendan: Maryland

Max: Texas

Pavy: Texas

Image from NCAA.com

California at North Carolina 

Chris: UNC

Brendan: UNC

Max: UNC

Pavy: UNC

Temple at Notre Dame

Chris: Notre Dame

Brendan: Notre Dame

Max: Notre Dame

Pavy: Notre Dame

Louisville at Purdue

Chris: Louisville

Brendan: Louisville

Max: Louisville

Pavy: Louisville

Image from Times West Virginian

West Virginia vs Virginia Tech (Landover)

Chris: Virginia Tech

Brendan: West Virginia

Max: West Virginia

Pavy: Virginia Tech

Wyoming at Iowa

Chris: Wyoming

Brendan: Iowa

Max: Iowa

Pavy: Iowa

Washington at Rutgers

Chris: Washington

Brendan: Washington

Max: Washington

Pavy: Washington

(Featured image from The Advocate )

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