Welcome to Front Porch Football. We are the Paschal brothers. Brendan is a student at Wofford College in Spartanburg, SC. Chris is a recent graduate of Wofford College and a current law student at The University of South Carolina. Like a lot of you, we grew up playing football Friday night, then watching SEC football all day Saturday. And the rest of the week, we enjoy sitting on our porch rehashing last weekend’s wins and losses almost as much as we enjoy arguing about what is going to happen next Saturday.

We’re tired of the corporate, big network guys that care more about their hair than the game they are talking about…do they even watch the games?  We not only watch the games live on Saturday, we obsess about replays of games from more than a decade ago. You might say it’s in our blood.

If you’re like us, then grab a glass of tea, pull up a chair, and join us every week for Front Porch Football!


Christopher Paschal (left) and Brendan Paschal (right)

Christopher Paschal (left) and Brendan Paschal (right)

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